RoonRock lost control of audio device since version 1.8

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

NUC Rooncore M.2 120gb OS || Samsung SSD 860 2tb store || 32GB internal RAM
OS 1.0 build 227 || Roon server 1.8 build 783
Internet connectivity is wired with fixed internal IP.
NUC USB into Schiit Bifrost multibit (powered with wall outlet, not usb power) into schiit preamp-amp

Since release of version 1.8 (I have not had a single error prior to this upgrade) I have connectivity issues with this setup. Roonrock keeps kicking out and throwing error ‘lost control of audio device’ for a few seconds and i have to hit play again to get it to continue playing.
I am unable to test if this is a problem with the DAC as i have no alternative way of connecting to my audio setup.
I have rebooted both the NUC and the DAC multiple times, reinstalled Roonrock and set DSP to defaults, just in case the DSP was causing issues.

What can I do to further troubleshoot this issue or is this a known bug in 1.8? it is seriously putting doubts if i should renew my license this summer as it happens multiple times a day and is extremely frustrating

While we’re waiting on a member of the Support team to come along and respond, if you are using a Windows, Mac or tablet to control Roon, can you (temporarily) set up a Zone on the device’s system output to test the audio? Does that also get lost?

Good point, I hadn’t thought of that. i will transfer the zone to my iphone and see what happens. it does irk me though that this only started after we went to v1.8 so my gutfeeling is a software issue. I’ll test it during the day

After running for a few hours with my iphone as audio zone, I’ve not had disconnects. I realized then that it could also be either the USB cable (high quality audio-quest) or perhaps the usb port on the NUC. I’ve switched the cable to a different USB port and am testing currently. I will let it run until tomorrow and feedback the results.

Have you got another USB cable you could try following today’s test?.

The next step, if disconnects occur again, is to change the USB cable indeed. baby steps :slight_smile:

Edit: So, I let the audio run during the evening and night and it is still going strong. I wish I had thought of checking the actual USB port earlier as it looks very strongly that it is a problematic USB port on the NUC.

My faith in the Roon Religion is restored again :slight_smile:

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