Roon's artist ingestion logic is broken and/or fundamentally flawed - please fix it

Sam Lewis has released four albums. I have three of them. Let’s go find them in Roon…

Roon’s first incarnation:

Roon’s 2nd incarnation:


Roon’s 3rd incarnation:

Roon’s 4th incarnation:

Roon’s 5th incarnation:

Yet another of many examples I stumbled on looking for albums he’s worked on and finding them missing in Roon, only to find those albums listed under the additional rogue artist entry Roon creates all on its own:

Same damn artist…

If one cares to do use the forum’s search engine looking for posts about duplicated artists there are more than a hundred posts dating back as far as 2015.

Roon is broken the fundamental area of correctly being able to ingest, deal with and correctly link artist metadata.

Does Roon have any intention of sorting this bug out? How many examples must people post before you recognise it’s an issue. Damnit, get the basics right and then go play with ML, AI and whatever cloud fantasies you care to conjure.

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I’m not sure it’s as simple as “just fix it”.

I’ve been reporting this stuff for over a year and I’ve provided worked step by step examples and the underlying albums to be able to replicate at least one version of this kind of nonsense. It’s not a priority because not enough people have noticed and there’s not a lot of noise. It’s far more interesting adding more bells and whistles whilst the central value proposition isn’t delivered.

What’s the point of using Roon if it flies in the face of the the very value proposition it espouses… “don’t worry about grooming your library, we’ve got it covered”. Yeah right, that’s why I have countless duplicated artist objects scattered across my library and have to view multiple instances of the artist object in order to find the album I’m looking for or to get a complete picture of what someone’s done across my library. Roon makes that easy… I don’t think so, it’s trying to turn me to forced curation and bug compensation within Roon just so the basics work.

I know all of that, you’ve been quite vocal after all, but…is it broken because of your assertion of lack of focus or because it’s really hard - or a bit of both.
Given how ■■■■■ a lot of the metadata is and that there are multiple sources to assimilate I’d go for a bit of both.
And no, given the small amount of postings it doesn’t look like many people are bothered. I see them occasionally but just ignore it as I don’t really care.

We’ve different requirements and reasons for buying into Roon. I bought it for what it says on the tin. Only it clearly doesn’t do what it says on the tin. That may be good enough for you, it’s not good enough for me, I don’t want to go wandering through 5 instances of Toto or variations thereof to find the album I want to play. And before you tell me to search for the album name, I’m visually wired, I may not remember the album name, but I sure as hell know the album cover when I see it.

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I’m just pointing out that there may be underlying issues that mean that this issue may not be something that roon can create a universal fix for but have to carry on fixing the individual instances.

I kept a roof over my head for a decade doing data oriented software development, long enough to know a bug when I see one. It may be a complex bug to address but that doesn’t change the fact that it causes pervasive issues across a library containing a wide variety of performers, needs adressing and doesn’t appear to be a priority for Roon.

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