Roon's Free Trial -- how to pause it?

So I am in the demo period, and am now waiting for my real hardware to arrive to build the real thing.

So the question is… is there a way to pause the demo? (The language in the web page says “cancel demo” which doesn’t make much sense to me…)

Oh well, I cancelled the demo. I’ll revisit the whole thing when I am setting up the live build.

Are you talking about the 14 day free trial of Roon. If you cancel it, you can’t renew it as far as I know. You’ll need to make a request to Roon accounts management to see if they can reinstate your trial, if that’s what we’re talking about here.

Too tend to be quite “lenient “ at extending trial periods for extenuating circumstances

Try @mike I think he’s the man ?

@accounts are the team.


Hey @ra_ki,

This is Rebeka with accounts - thanks @ged_hickman1 for tagging :smile:.

As you’ve discovered, there’s no way to pause a free trial. However, we’d be happy to restart it for you whenever you’re ready. You can send me a private message on the community or email



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