Roon's handling of genres for unidentified albums subsequently identified via Musicbrainz metadata

A question to clarify how Roon interacts with unidentified albums which are subsequently identified through inclusion in musicbrainz.

If Roon is configured to use only its metadata rather than file tags does an album only identified through musicbrainz remain without genre?

Also, how often are Musicbrainz updates integrated into Roon’s cloud?

Hi @Emile_Lemmer,

Once an addition or change is approved in MusicBrainz it can take a week or two before it is incorporated into Roon and makes its way to your library.

Thanks @dylan. Do you have any insights re this question?

2 days, no answer. Other posts here answered within the hour today. What am I to infer?

@support, is there a reason this remains unanswered? Some advice or even acknowledgment that you’re looking into it would not be remiss.

Hi @Emile_Lemmer,

Apologies, I have been out of the office for a few days. Genre information does not come to us from MusicBrainz, only other metadata sources.

@dylan, thanks, I’m aware you don’t pull genre metadata from Musicbrainz. My question relates specifically to albums that Roon is only able to identify via Musicbrainz.

As an example, here’s an artist that doesn’t currently appear in Roon’s metadata sources and/or cloud:


Adding the album to Musicbrainz, causing it to become identified within Roon when Musicbrainz metadata additions are pulled into Roon’s cloud will still leave the album and the artist without an assigned genre or have I missed something?