Roon's hidden features

i just learned on another thread that if you favourite tracks on an album it shows up as a "play favourites " option beside “play picks”

I know I’m asking for the Rumsfeldian "unknown unknowns " but are there any other hidden features or tips and tricks you’re aware of?


If you find the Radio function getting stuck on a particular album, you can ban it by clicking favourite (heart) twice. This can free up the algorithm resulting in a broader selection.

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did this “ban” have any permanent effect or did it only affect the current radio session?

All radio session, just like favourite. You can undo it at any time.

In Album view, each track has a number of icons in a row. The "3 dots"one (to the right of the “favourite heart” ) gives quick access to editing tags and adding to playlists.
Tags are very useful eg. User defined tag 5*, 4* etc allow powerful filtering in Tracks view using focus.

Albums/Focus/Inspector/Contiguous Tracks, inverted, is a great way to find albums with bad track numbering.

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