Roon's KOHOSO Radio Player doesn't work anymore

The Roon Kohoso URL doesn’t work anymore. It’s HTTPS:\



Ron Compton

Hello @Ron_Compton , there seems to be an SSL certificate problem with that url. VLC doesn’t like it either.

Never mind, I’ve found another. Try now.

working for me. Good station. :slight_smile:

Works like a charm!
Here’s another one that I’m having trouble with:
HD Radio Rock and Roll Network

Station is there but the link doesn’t work.

Another One:

And another:

Ron Compton

Fixed, try now.

Excellent. As you can tell, I’m old and really like the 50’s songs. They’re getting harder and harder to find as we shuffle off this mortal coil.

Ron Compton


You and me both.

I’ve added Megaton Cafe Radio for you.

You posted this twice - did you have another?

I’m good. Thanks for your help!

Ron Compton

No problem. I also added the remaining HD Radio stations.