Roons latest update

Since i upgrades to newest soft ware .my android tablet dont show dsp settings and before i could turn the tablet sideways .now it only works up and down .what am i doing wrong

I’ve moved this post into the Support forum…

Thanks for reaching out, @barry_baxley!

Can you provide some additional information about the device?

  • What kind model device is it?
  • What version of Android is it running?
  • What size is it?
  • Have there been any recent Android updates?

Are you able to rotate the screen in other apps?


Continuing the discussion from Roons latest update:

Samsung Galaxy tablet Android version 7.1.1 other apps rotate I see none of the DSP settings and it won’t rotate I think it’s 8 inch it worked fine before update.

Thanks for the info, @barry_baxley!

Your report seems similar to a previous report we’ve seen in the past:

I definitely recommend checking out some of the discussions in that thread. In short, the UI we use on your device is based on the information reported by the device. In some cases we have seen devices using non-standard DPI settings which can cause Roon to use the phone UI instead of tablet.

You can check your DPI settings by using this app:

Check out the DPI settings on your device and let us know what they are. There are some options for changing DPI discussed in this thread that I recommend checking out as well.