Roon's memory usage


I just wanted to ask what you would consider normal memory use for the latest version of Roon, running in headless mode, on Windows 7 64-bit? Track count is 202k from overview page and 189k from storage page.

Mine’s been running for 6 days now and is consuming 2.2GB RAM. This doesn’t seem to change much whether Roon is sitting waiting to serve content, or whether it’s actually playing something.

The only reason I noticed this is because I’m currently using my main ‘workhorse’ pc as roon server (whilst waiting for linux build) and it’s noticeably (not surprisingly) slower than normal, even though it has 18GB RAM in it.

I’m starting to consider how much RAM will be needed for the linux box :wink:


Mine has been running only for a day as I just did some updates on it, 600MB for 130K tracks.

for about 300k tracks. CPU is busy as background audio analysis is running (FAST)

My “RoonAppliance” was using about 3GB and periodically crashing with build 70. After upgrading to build 88: no crashes and memory utilization has dropped by over 5x. This may or may not be your problem, but it seems like the memory leak they fixed in build 88 did the trick for me.

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Is there a way to allocate additional memory for the desktop app on a Mac? Playback gets jittery when I attempt to use some other apps and I’m wondering if its a memory issue. Please advise.

I think there is a memory issue in Roon or slow memory leak. On two instances using network shares Roon has overtaken my mem on my box causing the core to stop serving requests. Yesterday the box was at 90% mem utilization. This was running on Win 2019. I am digging to get logs but this should be fixed.