Roon's signal path doesn’t show the DAC after the end points


I have added a Topping D90SE MQA DAC between both my Mac Mini and Bluesound node 2i and my amp. It sounds amazing and had made a real difference but I can’t work out how to add it into Roon.

My signal path doesn’t show the DAC after the end points. I guess it might not be able to know what is happening after the end point? Any tips?


Roon won’t know what’s after the endpoint. Is The Node the current Roon endpoint? If it is then you are already there. Unless I am missing something.

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The Topping is not Roon Ready, so the Bluesound is your Roon endpoint, so Roon won’t show what’s happening in the signal path after the Bluesound.

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I think the answer to Simon’s question depends upon how the DAC is connected to his endpoint. If he uses S/PDIF (coax or optical), then Roon’s RAAT protocol definitely has no way to know about the connected DAC, and all DAC specific settings must be done manually at the corresponding endpoint’s device setup in Roon.

If, on the other hand, he connects his DAC via USB to his endpoint, then RAAT has the possibility to discover and interrogate the USB-connected DAC and configure automatically the DAC’s capabilities in the device setup.

Take for example my current system path. It shows a non-Roon Ready DAC, connected via USB to a RPi4 running RoPieee. Some other DACs can report their make and model, without need to be Roon Ready certified:

Screen Shot 2021-08-14 at 9.56.30 PM


That’s what I was looking for, I’ve got both Mac mini and Bluesound node 2i connected with optical and coaxial at the moment, got a longer usb cable coming next week so will try that when it arrives…thanks

But you can still listen to Roon ->Node->topping currently ?

I have two Topping DACs (like all Topping products, not Roon-ready) and both do indeed report make and model when connected via USB to an RPI4 running Ropieee. I can’t comment on whether or not this would be the case if they were connected to a Bluesound rather than an RPi.

I can but it does skip every now and then as well I’ve just found

How is your Node connected to your network? This problem I have seen reported quite a lot with WiFi-connected Bluesound devices. If you can, try to connect it with Ethernet to your router or switch. This maybe resolve your skipping problem.

Hi…the Node is wired and only skips when connected to the Topping. Cheers