Roon's Tidal "Collections" feature makes non-existing albums favorite


I used the “Collections” feature to add some recommended jazz albums. However, it seems that not all albums are available (at least for me in the Czech Republic) - these albums are marked favorite in Tidal but when I select them in Tidal, it says “the content is no longer available”.

I of course understand that not all content is available in all regions. However, roon shouldn’t star albums which are not available in Tidal. Interestingly, in Roon itself these missing albums aren’t displayed (so it seems Roon can detect they are not available) but still Roon marks them favorite in Tidal so when using the Tidal app, I can see them there which is something that shouldn’t happen.

Using the latest version of Roon core on the latest version of macOS.

Thanks @Jiri_Techet – we’re aware of this issue and have a ticket open tracking it.

There’s a piece of infrastructure needed here that will check each item in the list and match it to the correct version for each region. We’re hoping to get that built, but it’s not a small piece of effort.

As I said, we’re tracking this issue and hoping to resolve it soon – thanks for the report!

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