Roon's Tidal New Music Suggestions

It seems as if something has changed over the past several months relating to “New Music” suggestions I see when I select Tidal in Roon. Most of the suggestions are albums I have no interest in playing. Now if I call up the Tidal app on my laptop to see what’s new and suggested the offerings are more in line with what I might play. The suggestions are very different within Roon and with Tidal.

When I have Roon Radio turned on and Roon starts offering similar tracks to those that had just been played they are usually spot on.

Roon uses Valence to deliver new music or recommend albums for you. If you go to the home screen and scroll down you should see new releases for you, your daily mixes and recommended artists.

I’m not sure if something changed with Tidal in Roon though.

This is a good read on how Valence works in Roon.

My point is that what is offered to me as “New Albums” if I select Tidal in Roon is music I seldom or never listen to. If I call up my Tidal app the offerings under “Suggested New Albums” are at least possible listens.

For years I go to the Tidal new music section within Roon to see what’s new every Friday. Lately it is a waste of time since the offerings are not similar to anything in my library or tracks I have played. Yet I will usually find something new in thevTidal app.

I am better off just letting Roon Radio find new music for me.