RoonServer 1.1 MenuBar Icon not visible in Yosemite's "Dark Mode"

I am very happy about the RoonServer. I had some issues finding the menubar icon in the beginning. When the “Dark-Mode” of Yosemite (which I visually prefer) is enabled, you can only guess where it is because it is a black icon on a black menubar. Maybe a white icon could be added for that. I guess this should be no big deal.

I was about to post the same thing when I noticed this thread. I was able to invert the colors so the icon is visible when Dark Mode is enabled; however, these changes don’t persist when the app is updated. It would be great if the devs could create an official Dark Mode version of the menu bar icon.

Drives me crazy, too. BTW, I have multiple monitors and it shows up properly on the non-active dark menu bar. Weird.

Let’s flag this for @Brian2

Working on a fix now.

Any progress? :slight_smile:

A dark-mode icon is now included in version 1.2. Thanks.