RoonServer 1.3 stability issue

RoonServer 1.2 has no issue at all in my system. But after upgrading to 1.3, RoonServer gets error and not responding message repeated like what is mentioned in the following thread:

And RoonServer 1.3 seems to make my external drive, drobo S Gen II linked via esata to Motherboard, very slow to response. This issue never happened in RoonServer 1.2.

Very glad that Roon 1.3 comes out when we start back to work after the Lunar New Year. Much appreciated.


another issue found is that when RoonServer is installed, the computer takes about 10 minutes to reboot. Before RoonServer is installed, my computer takes less than 1 to 2 second to reboot.

Hi John. I don’t know the size of your library but 1.3 re analyses your audio This process is not quick and is very dependent on the CPU and the I/O between the core and the music storage. I would check if this is the issue by going into setting and turning off Audio Analysis and seeing if everything begins to get faster. If so, then I would run the audio analysis during times you are not going to use the system; for example, overnight.

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your suggestion. My library is not small. It contains 96 thousand tracks. But I find RoonServer reads or adds files into Roon database at a very slow rate since Roon 1.3. The addition of the music files into Library takes a long time and no success. It didn’t happen before Roon 1.3. I would like to have Roon team to investigate what’s the possibility of that cause.



If the music files are in the NAS, the reading and analyzing speed is just as fast as usual.

After I change to use a windows laptop as a Roon Remote control, the reading speed of the Roon Core seems back to normal. Don’t know what’s the cause, but the result is very satisfying. Enjoy a lot of the new Roon 1.3. Thanks, Roon team.