RoonServer crashes on startup, Windows

Roon Core Machine

Windows 10, i7-4790K, 16 GB

I just want to add that I had the same problem as in numerous other threads that were closed 36 hr after the last post while other threads are closed in a month. So the developers know that something was unusual in 1.8 build 970. I have run Roon Server on the same machine for a few years and this never happened. I always manually updated it. A couple of weeks ago I decided to turn on automatic updates, haven’t used Roon for a while and today I couldn’t connect to it. I opened the forum and immediately saw several threads about the same issue and they were all closed while many others older ones are still open.

I found the error in the Event Viewer that was mentioned before: Faulting module name: KERNELBASE.dll

I did install Windows update earlier this week. We can blame Windows but this never happened before. When Roon doesn’t start it’s hard to troubleshoot. There was nothing useful in the RoonServer or RAATServer logs.

I am glad this forum exists. I reinstalled Roon server and it solved the issue but this should not be happening and never happened before.

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Hi @G_P ,

Thank you for letting us know about this behavior. Since reinstalling Roon Sever, has the setup been stable? Do you still by any chance have the full log from when the issue occurred?