RoonServer 'Failed to run the package service'

After trying to install Roon Server on a new Synology NAS 1618+ running DSM 6.2 and getting this message repeatadly regardless of how I approached the installation of the 500GB Samsung EVO drive connected to the A USB port. I gave up and tried to reinstall back on a harddrive volume only to get the same message when I try and runn roon server. It no longer works at all and I am at a loss what to try next?? Any suggestions?

Are there more specific messages if you take a look at synology‘s log entries? (One of the icons at top right corner in the DSM administration)

if you are refering to the notifications button - there is a notification universal search indexing database corrupted.

The last Roonserver log - was 13/12 attached below;

The forum will not let me paste the log or upload the txt file - so I will have to email it to you. Which email address should I use.