Roonserver fails to update from B416 to B475 on Mac OS Mojave

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Macmini 2014 10.14.6 roon is ok updated to 475 no issue. Can run as core and remote.

Roonserver update errors on update but a full download and overwrite from roon Downloads website and copied over the old 416 is working. So it’s just the update using roon remote that’s failing.


Hi @wizardofoz,

Just to verify here — Going to Settings > About failed and trying to update from within the Roon app failed, but a manual install of the update worked, correct? You’re all up and running now on B475?

I’ll pass this along to the team so they can investigate further and make sure that things are working correctly.

@dylan Yes that is correct. Machine is down now as I was just testing something. Can upload logs if you need them maybe in the next 24hrs

Hi @wizardofoz,

That would be great — I’ll get them over to the team to take a closer look at. Thanks!

See what I can do tmro as I’ve gone to bed for the day :sleeping:

@Dylan here you go

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