Roonserver hardware partners!

Hi can someeone tell me if there is any Roon core hardware partners in the mix and is there any SQ difference from a Roonready network device and a Roon core hardware device in the listening room? If someone has any experience on this topic please reply,because I don’t like spending thousands of dollars for a Roon core hardware device if I can get for example a sonicorbiter for 300 dollars and have the same SQ. Thank you very much for your help.

Perhaps I do not understand your question, but if you use an inexpensive output device like the Sonicorbiter SE you still need a Roon Core machine. Using a Sonicorbiter allows you to have the Roon core machine in another room away from your audio equipment. You can buy a good Roon core with 128 Gb SSD (for the Roon library and software not the audio files) for less than $1,000