Roonserver idle cpu usage on windows


I am running roon server on windows 10, i find that it uses between 3-10% of the cpu (intel 7700K @ 5ghz) 24/7, with no music playing, no analysis, and no watched folders. The log file shows nothing but period status message every 30s.

to test further i did a clean install without even a library or any music service configured, and the cpu usage is the same at around 5% average at all times.

is this expected behavior for the server app? objectively, 3-10% is not a huge amount, but it is far greater than any other server software running on the PC, and it prevents the CPU from entering idle states when 99% of the time there is no usage whatsoever.

Hi @Chris3g,

There are lots of things Roon can be doing in the background during idle, like retrieving updated metadata for all your albums.

Just keep in mind that the Roon Core is designed to be reasonably “heavy” so I wouldn’t get too hung up about resource usage, unless it’s causing other issues.

Are you experiencing any other symptoms? Dropouts? Slow performance in Roon? Resource problems with other apps? It’s ok if you’re just wondering about the numbers, we are looking into Roon preventing sleep since we have seen a couple of reports but these numbers don’t look concerning to me.

– Noris

Hi, Sorry for the late response.

The primary symptom is that it prevents CPU idle states, other than that, this does not cause any problem.

I am quite sure the CPU usage is not in any way related to album processing/metadata/etc as the exact same CPU usage is found when starting roon with a completely empty library - no tracks, no watched folders, no services, not even any enabled devices.

what I did find is that the CPU usage is caused by the constant internal network activity (i guess searching for devices, as it makes no difference whether or not the device is “enabled” within roon?), i have many devices on my network so this may potentially increase the usage, i did find that i can drop the idle cpu usage down to nearly 0 with some firewall rules blocking much of the internal network communication to the roonappliance exe.

FYI i decided to migrate my Roon library to ROCK on intel NUC, seems to be better suited to a dedicated device.

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