Roonserver monitoring of music folder slows down

Most of time, Roonserver does a great job of monitoring my NAS for new music. Typically, new music will show up as I am in the process of ripping the CD. However, sometimes I notice that Roonserver either stops monitoring my NAS for long periods of time or stops monitoring completely. During this period, I can still play music and browse my library using Roon remote apps. Once I do a restart of Roonserver, everything is ok again for a while.

Anyone else notice this?

I just ripped a CD this morning but its not showing up in Roon again. I can fix this by restarting Roonserver. Once restarted, Roon will pick up new albums almost immediately as they are written to my NAS. Seems that the speed at which Roonserver picks up new albums slows down dramatically over time.