RoonServer on QNAP NAS (Package) [completed]

Thanks @Brian I think your statement:

Is key when people are considering hardware.

So I’m guessing from reading all this that RoonServer won’t be supported on the WDMyCloudEX2 NAS?

I’m debating having to buy a Mac Mini to run Roon, I’d rather just buy the “right” NAS that can run RoonServer and not have to deal with supporting a full general-purpose computer (and it’s likely half the price of a well-configured Mini).


I bought a Qnap HS-251 with 2 GB.
What is the status of this issue now ?
Will there be a Qnap app ?
Minimum Linux requirements ?

I have installed RoonServer on a Qnap with the help of this article.

It works really well so far but I am already considering to install a SSD for caching.

Hope this helps until a QPKG is available from RoonLabs.

I’ve been wanting to run Roon on this Qnap fanless nas. But I am sure it lacks in RAM, and I doubt I can live with the processor speed compared to my I5 Nuc. For me the route has been to make the Nuc fanless ( Akasa case); next step will be a SSD. This route will cost you as much as an unsure route with the Qnap 251 (+) and fore sure has a better performance and lower power consumption

It doesn’t have lower power consumption if you already have a QNAP251 on the network serving other tasks.

You are right. For that reason I sold my Qnap; now my Nuc is preforming my NAS tasks. It can do maybe 80% of the functionality of a Qnap - enough for me

Just adding my wish for Roon Server to suit Synology DS1515+
I have installed a SSD for cache and 6mb RAM.
There will only be 1 user and with less than 1000 CDs I’m sure it would be a smooth experience.

My thoughts about Roon and NAS.

As power hungry as Roon is…and that’s not a criticism considering it’s features…it just begs to be installed on a NAS device.
You rarely switch your NAS off…as opposed to switching off your PC when finished performing your tasks. It really is bothersome to leave your PC running in your study just because you might want to access Roon from another room in the house at some later stage in the day.
Given the lack of grunt of most NAS devices wouldn’t it be an idea to release a ‘Roon Lite’?..with all the features of the full version but just a limitation on the size of the database. eg. 1000 CD’s / albums only. It could be cheaper too :wink:

RoonServer already fulfils the task of “Roon Lite”. I have RoonServer running in a VM on a Celeron CPU with a library of >7500 albums. Runs fine.

I’m not sure how much lighter you’d ever want to go, unless Roon decide to design something that would run the Core on a Raspberry Pi or similar.

Is there anyone who has already tried to install the new Linux 1.2 headless version natively on a QNAP NAS?

Hi Kai,

Have a read [How To] RoonServer on QNAP NAS (Lubuntu VM) in which Mark describes installing Roon into at Linux VM.

Any luck on a native QNAP package? Virtual environments are a bit beyond my skill set I’m afraid…

QNAP package is currently being tested.
There are a few small things that need to be sorted. Apparently not all models are delivered with the same set of library files.


Hadn’t seen @crieke post here, that sounds great!
Having just aquired a QNAP TS-470-Pro i’ll be a happy bunny!

When will it be available and how will it perform?

Christopher is a volunteer user writing a QNAP package as a service for the Roon Community. It will be available entirely at his convenience.

I am thank full that some one is creating a headless version of Roon to be used on Qnap NAS’s Hopefully I will then be able to use a Sonicorbitor-SE networked to it and a Lenovo Yoga 2 as a remote to serve up files to a Dac. Anything to not have a PC turned on all the time.


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