Roonserver on Ubuntu not picking up airplay devices

Hi Support,

Roonserver on Ubuntu is not picking up airplay devices.
I had 1 muso and 3 QB. roonserver just not picking it up. and i can’t add them either by ip address.


Are they sleeping by any chance ?

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What do you mean by sleeping?
They are in standby mode.
They are Naim Mu-so.

Also funny thing if roonserver is on macOS,it will see without issue.

I would start from verifying that ubuntu’s firewall isn’t blocking Roon/RoonServer and RAATServer processes.

No, I checked, last night i reinstall Roon and it picked up one of the 3. and i have it playing. This morning it doesn’t show up anymore and i can get it to show up even i reboot.

Is there a way to scan what airplay device is around?
However, the appletv always showup on the list.