RoonServer or RoonBridge

I am interested to know if anyone has found a benefit to using RoonBridge on a separate PC as opposed to connecting a DAC directly to a RoonServer output, aside from the fact that the server and DAC can be physically distant.

I have been a long time advocate of “dual PC” architectures, as I was under the impression that having as little processing as possible close to the DAC was beneficial. However, due to technical constraints, I recently switched back to a direct connection from the server in my main system, and it seems like the SQ has not suffered.

What are your thoughts?

It’s completely dependent on the DAC in all honesty. Some are so well designed they are virtually immune to any noise pollution that could originate from the attached computer.

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That would makes sense.

I use an ifi SPDIF purifier connected to my DAC, which is fed through a toslink cable from a Teradak x2 interface (old, but works fine). My DAC is a wadia x32, with some modifications. It is rather sensitive to the quality of the incoming signal, and can only synch when the spdif purifier is used. So I guess that little gizmo works as advertised, and maybe i do not need to worry about getting an extra board in the loop to further enhance the SQ.

With so much marketing and hype surrounding Audiophile SBC (single board computers - a la MicroRendu and others) and fancy signal “reconditioners” it makes one wonder…

And that’s my whole problem, Specially with that… There is so much snake oil in this industry, One has to carry a mongoose to keep them away…

Toslink is perfect isolation.

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Thank you for your advice. Will stick to what I have, which works well.

I have tried both directly connecting my Naim DAC-V1 to RoonServer and to a separate (but identical) machine running remote RoonBridge and could not detect any differences in SQ.

Regardless of this I still use the remote RoonBridge setup as I had two machines anyway so why not.