RoonServer release cadence?

Roon 1.1 build 65 was just released. Does that mean that RoonServer was likewise released? Or is the release cadence of RoonServer different than that of Roon?

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@scolley, I run Roonserver, just went into the app on the ipad and rebooted the server, the new version was installed.


RoonServer and Roon are identical release… Android is very similar, but with a minor delay due to Google (hours at most). iOS can take days to weeks, due to Apple’s walled garden.

Thanks for the clarification Danny!

And Russ, yes, I had a similar experience. Was solicited for an upgrade in the IOS app, and the next thing I knew, my RoonServer was on build 65. Sweet! :smile:

As for the IOS delays… given that Tidal and Roon compete in some ways with Apple offerings, I’m delighted they (Apple) lets Roon in their walled garden at all.

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I’m running the iPad app and controlling my laptop, is RoonServer on my laptop then, i.e., what is the diff between Roon and RServer ?

RoonRemote for Android/iOS is only remote functionality. It does not control your zones or manage your storage. It only speaks to another RoonServer that does that.

RoonServer for Mac/Windows is the Roon backend “brain”. It controls your zones, manages your storage, updates your metadata, etc… this is the brains of the whole thing. We sometimes call this “the core”. RoonServer also lacks a user interface. You must use a RoonRemote to tell RoonServer what needs to be done.

Roon for Mac/Windows is RoonServer + RoonRemote functionality built into 1 application.

Hmmm, I’m controlling my laptop with the remote, the core I assume, but it has a UI, similar it appears to the remote. Is there some where it says RoonServer I can check ? Love the iOS app btw.

Android and iOS are RoonRemote only.

Roon on your laptop can either be Roon or RoonServer – if when you started Roon, it came up with a user interface similar to RoonRemote, then you are running Roon. If when you ran Roon on laptop, it did not have a UI, and isntead had a little Roon icon (that looks like my red profile image) in the Mac’s menu bar in the upper right or the Windows system tray in the lower right, then it is RoonServer.

Ok I have Roon then, but I don’t see Remote on your site, how can I find it ?

Sorry meant Roon Server

If you have Roon on your laptop and want Roon Server instead, check this out:

Cheers, Greg

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