RoonServer starting, running, error, restart and so on

OK, will do.

@dylan No update on this one yet?

Hi @Paul_Hermans,

I checked with the team on this and received an update — Apologies for the delay.

The team thinks that this behavior is stemming from data stemming from certain albums. They’ve asked that I check to see if you have backups of Roon from before this issue occurred — If you do please let me know and I can send over next steps.

@dylan I did forget that my NAS only keeps backups for 14 days and since the issue appeared a month has passed. So not anymore.

Hi @Paul_Hermans,

To be clear — Did you start doing backups of the new database that you made and have replaced all of the old database ones?

Do you still have the RoonServer_Old folder from before when you made the new database?

Hi @dylan,

Yes, all the old backups have indeed been replaced.
And I don’t have the RoonServer_Old folder from before either.

So I’m afraid, we’re done.

Hi @Paul_Hermans,

Unfortunately, since you don’t have your prior backups or the RoonServer_Old folder, there is no way to go back to the old database. If you were to find a backup or the RoonServer folder stored in another location you could certainly move back to that database and give it ago now that the issue appears to be resolved but, unfortunately those would be needed to do so.

You have our apologies for the trouble, Paul! Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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