RoonServer Won't Start on SonicTransporter i5/16GB

Roon Core Machine

Roonserver 1.8 (build 936) stable
Database Size 23GB
Version: 2.8
Model: sonicTransporter i5/16GB/1TB Internal SSD

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Network is Fiber-to-copper via Calix Gigapoint 801G, then Netgear Orbi RBR50 Router with 2 satellites which are equipped with Ethernet backhaul. Latest firmware.

DNS is

Control is MacBook Pro Mac OS Monterey 12.3/1, Roon 1.8 (936)

Connected Audio Devices

1.KEF LS50 WII hardwired
2.Mac mini via Ethernet, output to analog amp.
3. KEF LS50 WII via WiFi (mostly left in sleep mode, rarely used)
All KEF firmware is up-to-date

Number of Tracks in Library

350k Tracks, 99.9% FLAC

Description of Issue

This update crashed my new SonicTransporter i5: “Database must be upgraded”, and then nothing. RoonServer on the ST wouldn’t launch at all. Everything restarted and checked. Had to reinstall Roon Server.

Restored 23GB database from a few days ago.
DB Restore failed at 58%. Then the ST crashed.
Crashing wrecked the drive index, have to erase and restore entire 12TB library from backup.

Restore #3. It made it through the Restore, but crashed upon Updating Library.

Restored again, made it through the Updating Library; all files were reindexed, though I don’t know why, people tell me that info is in the DB. Files were finally all indexed/added to library (no more spinny purple circle, so I did a manual DB backup.
Backup complete. I stopped RoonServer and cannot start it again. Rebooting the SonicTransporter doesn’t help. ST System Status app says all four cores are at 0 or 1%.
Reinstalled RoonServer, restarted…Nothing.

Restarted the entire network, including all endpoints and router.
Pulled the EXFAT USB drive that holds the FLACs, tested it on Mac with Disk Utility, checks out ok.

Logs here.

Still can’t get RoonServer to run. :cry:
Any help welcome.

The log you posted appears to be from some hours ago and shows a core churning on some metadata updates.

I just initiated a log request to your core and it’s up and running and performing some metadata updates to your library. Looks like you’ve been able to initiate playback as well. From the logs it’s a perfectly healthy core.

Until ten minutes ago, RoonServer had stopped launching where that log ends.

I just deleted and reinstalled the Core using the ST package interface. (again)

Core is up and playing Qobuz only; Restore in progress.

Based on your description I highly doubt that this is an issue with the update or even your Roon installation. There’s coincidental timing here, but the larger issue sounds a bit like the internal storage device on your sonic transporter is failing. That would cause all of the issues that you described and solid state storage tends to get intermittently flaky before it fails completely.

Roon is up and running again. I’m not sure why, but it’s re-analyizing all of the files again. :frowning:

I’ll talk to Small Green Computer about the internal drive.

Thanks for your help, and the promptness of your reply. It is truly appreciated. It’s cuz I’m an Andrew, too, isn’t it? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :kiss:

I got some additional help from Andrew Gillis at SGC:

When I restored my DB from my old setup (a big Mac Pro), I had the Background Analysis set to 16 cores. That carried over and maxed out the cores on the SonicTransporter (4), so there was no processing power for the system, and things went haywire.

SSD looks good, he checked it via some magical remote terminal wizardry.

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