Roopiee update failed

Roon told me I had an update. TURNED OUT To be a Roopiee update. It failed!!!
Do I need to reinstall the SD card from a PC as Roon now not showing Roopiee at all.

Just did that update, it worked, so it’s not a general issue. In your shoes, I’d reflash the micro SD card.

Thanks, yes my thoughts too, but worth asking as software and pc’s are not my strongest point.

I’m not sure what update Roon showed for you, but I just installed the latest Roon Bridge update for my two RoPieee’s and they succeeded without doing anything to the RoPieee’s themselves. RoPieee updates are only showing in the RoPieee web page for me and they seem independent of what Roon sees.

Hi , It was showing roopie update.It failed so reflashing now.:+1:

Ok, hope that works. Please let us know how it went.

Hi , re-flashed Ropiee and followed install instructions and this pm have Roon as an end point via my Raspberry Pi and audiophonics sabre dac :+1:.
Thanks for all the responses

Hello Harry,

first of all - great software! I have been using it for quite some time and I have also donated :wink:

In total I have three Rasperry PI.

(A) - 2x Rasperry PI 3 Model B V1.2 (Plus HifyBerry Dac+)
(B) - 1x Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Rev 1.1 (With original PI Touchscreen)

Currently there is one downer or user error…

Rebooting a Rasperry with touchscreen does not work without problems: It shuts down, hangs and can only be rebooted after it has been without power for at least 3 minutes. :frowning:

A possible source of error could have been me :wink: I connected the external DAC (SPL Phonitor D) to the USB 3 port on the unit (B)… Could this have caused the error?

If yes, then you don’t need to read on from here and please just send me a “yes”.

If no… then the following additional information:

  1. Roon ROCK showed an update of the Ropieee gear today. From 1.7 (571) to 1.8 (814)

  2. The update via Roon (Windows 10 client) ran flawlessly.

  3. I also took the opportunity to visit the client website of the Ropieee(s). An update was also displayed there!

  4. Update carried out. One went through (A), one did not (B)! And at this point, USB 2 was still connected as before, not USB 3!

  5. (B) was “dead” - Reinstalled with 4.002 on (B).

  6. Got connect, everything seemed to work (music via Roon could be heard…) until I had to reboot due to a change (name of the device, remote zone etc.)…

  7. Then nothing worked… Waited 30 seconds - no power - no change.

  8. Waited more than 180 seconds, reconnected… does… rebooted again … got stuck again… had to wait again…

  9. Rebooted … no reaction. Then - what an inspiration - I saw that I had connected USB 3 and not USB 2.

  10. Started again - connected to USB 2 (!) Running… at the moment :slight_smile: