rooPlay - From LP, CD and iPhone to Roon

@DrCWO no it’s NOT a DAC text is confusing it’s a optical → USB and USB → optical converter see It works as dig-in/dig-out interface on my PC. (no DAC)
Should I try-out your new SW version.

@Michael_Ashwell It looks like you have the old HifimeDIY interface UR23 (uptill 96khz) the newer version is the one i have HiFimeDIY S2-dig (uptill 192khz)

If you can record audio from Toslink to your WinPC you should try the Beta please.

What would be really nice, would be if Roon had an option to auto load song meta data based upon guessing the song from a radio stream (which shouldn’t be that hard but would likely require a lag while Roon “listened” to the stream). That is not directly answering your question but would be a better solution, as it would work for any Roon radio stream and not just rooPlay.

I hadn’t realized there was a newer one but it appears you are correct. Anyway, I don’t think the higher resolution of the newer version wouldn’t buy me anything as my Puffin outputs 24/96.

Or if they make a deal with Shazam it could be possible? I think it would be a great idea! Instant meta data with your Vinyl.

Maybe an idea for an extension @DrCWO :smiley::+1:t2:

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Is that what the Display icon was for!? Thanks. Sorry but is there an ability to change the HDMI screen output to 1080P? It’s it’s a bit fuzzy and stretched on my TV. Thanks for all you do.

Regarding metadata (not with Vinyl) I had an other idea for a possible Roon Extension :+1:

I like to listen to web radio (especially Radio Swiss Jazz, Classic, Pop) as they are add free and have a nicely curated content. But this is AAC with quite a low bitrate and they have no plans to increase it.

So… What do you think about a Roon Extension that grabs the radio stream, extracts the metadata, searches the title in Qobuz/Tidal and plays the high resolution track instead? As Qobuz/Tidad possibly did not cover the whole repertoire I thought this metadata grabbing can run continuously in the background. So a playlist of this radio station will be created in the background and whenever I like I can access it, As I don’t care if I hear the Jazz they played yesterday one day delayed it would be fine for me :grinning:

Best DrCWO

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I will work on it this week. Probably only a small enhancement…

That’s a creative idea and another way to explore new music.

I check the v2.3.3 Beta 4 no succes , audio interface is not detected… To prove S2-dig interface is working in W10 see picture below. (recording tab shown)

I tested right now on the 4k Monitor on my study.


I get a full screen Roon image and the display information says it is 3840x2160

So no black stripes and no further issues. As you saw in my videos it also works on my small HDMI monitor like charm.

As far as I know the monitor tells the Raspberry via HDMI its resolution and the Raspberry adapts to this. For me it works flawless. This means I have no idea what I can do to improve things for you :thinking:

Was your monitor connected before booting the Raspberry?

Maybe your monitor is too old and does not support this feature?

Best DrCWO

Not an age problem- TV is 2021 LG OLED 4K. Now that you mention it, since I loaded the new RooExtend image when I boot up the PI, the type is much larger than previous version (indicating the TV is getting prob. 480P). I just restarted the PI while ensuring the TV was on and set to that input. The boot ends with RooExtend login: At this point there is no display icon in Roon volume strip. Also, RooWatch and RooDial have stopped working (even though I installed yesterday a USB for the license codes to successfully relaunch those apps). [Ugh- why do I mess with things when they’re working?! ]. Actually now, everything broke. RooDial unresponsive even though listed as Licensed and I re-pushed the little dial button. RooWatch says invalid license in the Roon Extensions. So… reloaded the watch license, now things working. Except the TV icon in the volume strip is gone (RooPlay is showing as licensed.).
I’m not asking for help at this point, just providing a snapshot of how it is to be a reasonably tech-savvy (but no programming knowledge) user on a Monday morning after an upgrade. Truly though, your solutions are great and worth my efforts to overcome challenges.

Please open the settings of the rooExtend License Manager. Scroll down and see if your TV got discovered. There should be a line: TV Scereen: xxxxxx with the name of the attached TV model :blush:

Yes-MJI-marantz-AV. I have a modern 4K receiver that handles AV and multichannel. Still no display on volume strip.

Receiver??? Please try to connect the TV directly via HDMI.

I’m sorry but that would not be a useful solution. It would mean discontinued use of either my Blu-ray player or my Mac M1. Yes I could do it once to test it but what is the point as it would not be a long-term connection. The Marantz SR6014 should be able to present acceptable credentials. Thank you but no worries, no need to solve this one.

I only wanted to know if your REAL TV would be discovered :wink:

Is there any controls in Roowatch to move onto the next track with CD replay?

Using the extensions dialogue us quite clunky.


Using rooPlay with CD playback you can swipe on the watch right and left to skip to the next and previous track. Same as navigatingning a playlist :grinning:

Thins also should work with the Nuimo…

I had tried this and the CD ejected but it has just worked there when I tried it again.



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CD ejects if you press Stop :+1:t2: