rooPlay - From LP, CD and iPhone to Roon

I put the PI into one of the TV inputs; when I did that the program type returned to small size so the screen resolution was correctly detected.

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General maintenance questions…going forward, how will I update my RooExtend/RooPlay server. I don’t see any version check / auto update options in the server UI, so I’m assuming that the current way to update is to just reimage the Pi card when a new version is released? Am I missing something and/or do you intend to build self update features into RooExtend? Also, is the correct place to find a list of the feature enhancements for the new releases in the quick installation guide? or is there a better place for this info?

You are right. Currently update means reflashing.
Starting from v3.0.0 rooExtend will have a nightly autoupdate. I currently work on that :+1:t2::grinning:


Correct :+1:t2:


Why don’t you get the Swissonic UA 2x2?

Hi Dr. CWO

Because I don’t need one. Just wanted to suggest and answer the question someone asked.

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I got into it and it really looks very promising. High sample rate and high SINAD. Should be absolutely transparent to audio.

Good recommendation, thank you :wave:
Did anybody use this already?

Hmm, I have one… It is like your work, just a one man ( and his family ) project and done with love and deep knowledge.
Just because i am „loving“ the E1DA Style of work and the personal „in touch“ support just like you do too, I would like send you my Cosmos ADC if you need one for testing…my point is to get those special products in mind, because they should be known…

Many user and their opinions can be found here:

Also a superfriendly and „willing to help“ audio area.

It looks very nice but for my setup it is simply overkill. The turntable is so noisie so that will stay the weakest link… the Zoom U-22 is more than adequat

Tell me if I am wrong…LP has 79db of dynamic range….so it is overkill.
The cosmos is made for measuring audio equipment. It’s performance is the highest for the price and beside to measure equipment it can be used to convert a to d for „normal“ adc purpose.

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Thanks for your nice words. I am willing to test it but I think it would make more sense to send it to Amirm ( Articles, Reviews and Measurements of Audio Products | Audio Science Review (ASR) Forum to get some measurements.
I my eyes this is the best place to spread the word with this nice device.

Where are you located?
Best DrCWO


I am from Duisburg, Germany. /
ASR is capable to messure up to 124db. This should be because of the electronic aperture he uses. That is why all his top rated measurements end at this same point.
The E1DA Cosmos ADC was build to have a cheap and highly accuracy measurement equipment. This could also be used as a „normal“ ADC.

My E1DA Cosmos ADC for example has 128.4 db.
A little higher than that what could be measured at ASR.

There is an early measurement on a website, but you have to use a translator, or use your chinese language knowledge… ;0)

I got into into an this is really a great ADC.

  • Has it USB Audio Class 2?
  • Have you tested with rooPlay?

Best DrCWO

The Cosmos ADC uses Comtrue CT7601 USB audio UAC@ bridge, USB2-3 no problem but the only Windows 10 doesn’t need to iinstall the Comtrue driver. You will only need the driver for ASIO….
( ….this is just copy and past from E1DA discord chat…because until now, I didn’t operate the adc here by myself, I wanted to learn…but I did not learned enough…)

So I didn’t test it with rooplay. Until now everything is lan connected or if we use the tv, sometimes airplay2 comes into the game from Ipad to TV.

Cool Idea. As long as I am back into music, a decade without activ listening, the hole idea of curated music like qobuz playlists, good Radio Station etc. is one of the benefits in modern times, any many people are lacking of the tips of the vinylstore guy used to have before streaming ages, corona lockdown.
I really like the idea of radio curated music and “highres them!” via streamingservices. Beside this, sometimes I find it interesting to get the name of the musictrack that is just played to fill up a gap in the programm or in between shows. Some of them are very calm and relaxed, a translated german word for this is “elevator music”.
Thumbs up for the idea.

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Hi @DrCWO and all

I have a Pi and have installed rooExtend. I am planning on buying rooPlay and I may have missed something but I haven’t seen information on what is required if you want to use multiple inputs. I have seen that you can have more than one rooExtend Pi and I have also seen that you can set up multiple ‘Radio Stations’ - e.g. one for iPhone, one for ADC etc.

I am new to rooExtend and to using Raspberry Pis but am a happy tinkerer.
So my questions maybe answered elsewhere (and I have missed them) or they maybe naïve but here goes:

  • Can you have more than one iPhone ‘radio station’ one one install - e.g. mine and my wife’s?

  • Can they be used at the same time (i.e. to different end points but on the one install)?

  • Can more than one input be used at the same time on one install if you have set up the necessary radio stations? E.G. an iPhone input and the CD Drive?

  • If the above are true what would be the benefits of multiple installs?

  • Finally I assume that if you, say, set your iPhone to use the rooPlay connection you must then go into Roon and select the Zone for that output? Not sure if it would be possible but selecting a Roon Zone from the phone at the same step as selecting rooPlay would be neat I think.

I think rooExtend has great offerings and is unleashing some real extra Roon potential. Thanks for reading this and I hope it makes sense.

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There is only one radio station supported right now as there is only ONE audio stream possible at the same time. I implemented it this way as I feared that it might be too much for a Pi to FLAC compress more than one 24/192 audio stream at the same time.
I guess your use case is to play one of them to a Roon endpoint in the dining room and the other to a different Roon endpoint in the sleeping room right? This is only possible with two Raspberrys and to rooPlay licenses. I think this answers your first four questions.

For iPhone and CD playback that starts if you play on the phone or insert the CD the output zone has to be set in the rooPlay extension. The idea behind that was to make it as simple as possible for the user to stream to its HiFi system. So select once and you are fine. Just start playing on the iPhone and you get output there.

If you go in a different Room and like to play your iPhone via the Roon endpoint in the room you are currently in you have to change the setting in the rooPlay Extension. Getting a second Pi for this Room will solve this as you will find two Airplay endpoints then, one for the dining room and one for the sleeping room. So you can select the zone on your iPhone without going to Roon and change the output zone in rooPlay.

Best DrCWO

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