rooPlay - From LP, CD and iPhone to Roon

Got the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 3.Gen today. Works fine :grinning:
First it shows only 48 kHz, but you can change the Samplingrate via PC/Mac to 192 KHz and the setting is saved. So after changing you get the full 192 KHz in rooPlay. :+1:

Source is the DenonDP450 (“pimped” with an AT-VM95ML/H). It has an integrated preamp, so it goes directly into the Scarlett.


I could not have replied better. Thank you
Best DrCWO

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Thks, this works. Hadn’t seen that in the original Install guide and only skimmed the new version when I upgraded to v 3.X. Still not sure why Roon is overwriting my saved setting on the rooPlay Extension but having a LP specific rooPlay radio station works just as well.

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This is not a bug but works as it should :wink:

How to select the audio device as Rooplay input?
I’m explaining, I have attached on my rpi4 a FDA amplifier Alientek and an usb audio interface to stream my turntable. Unfortunately it is the Alientek audio device which is systematically selected.
So the question how to force the detection of the good audio interface by rooPlay at the boot or by selection.

Hi @Cedric_Courtens,
now you got me :wink:

I wonder when it would happen that someone connects two interfaces one for playback and one for ADC. Now it happened.

Please go to the HTML service page of rooExtend and press the button “Show sound interface”. What you get there please mail to

I will se if I can help you. If this is not possible the only workaround at the moment would be to only connect the audio interface via USB and use its output (S/PDIF or Toslink) to drive the amp.

The Use-Case for more than one USB audio device is on my feature list but will not come before march 2023.

Best DrCWO

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I just sent the log.

I finally got around to setting up rooPlay in my system. My use case may be a little different from other members. I have a Rega Planar 8 turntable that’s connected to a Parks Audio Puffin phono stage that’s equipped with a TOSLINK S/PDIF output. This runs to the optical input on my Gustard X18 DAC and has been my main way to listen to vinyl playback.

However, I recently built digital room correction filters using Acourate by AudioVero. These 66k tap filters make a great improvement during digital playback via Roon, so I wanted to be able to apply them during real-time vinyl playback also. To accomplish this, I just needed to add a Hifime UR23 SPDIF Optical to USB converter and rooPlay.

Now, instead of selecting the optical input on my DAC, I simply choose the rooExtend radio station. There’s a few seconds of latency from the time that I lower the tonearm to when I hear music, but I’ve experienced no issues with delayed microphonics or echo. After a couple of restarts, the solution has been stable so far. I can even group additional rooms in the house for vinyl sound everywhere. For other zones, I had to add 425 ms of latency to account for delay added by the FIR filters in my main system.

The Raspberry Pi for rooPlay is tucked away under the Pangea stand.

I’m still deciding what I think of the sound quality, but functionality is pretty amazing. I suspect the most difficult part of setup will be finding a Raspberry Pi 4 in the US. Hoping the supply returns to normal in 2023. Cheers.


I added Ulli Brueggemanns modified Preamp 14 ConVolver to my setup with inbuilt Convolver, AcourateCleaner and if needed Sqeezelite streaming client. The convolver fits to Acourate filters with standard length 65536 taps. I can switch between 3 different filter sets and turn the convolver on and off on the fly. This allows for easy sound comparison. The preamp has 6 analog inputs, which allows adding convolution filters to whatever device you choose.
I use rooPlay for CD playback.

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I also run Acourate DRC filters and XO in my setup but run the convolution in Roon. With my new ADI-2/4 that allows me to directly connect the turntable this gives an absolutely perfect minimal system.

Roon server in cellar, and in my living room only the ADI-2/4 plus a rooExtend-Box. USB hub, BT Antenna and the power supply are blow the DAC. With this I have:

  • LP playback
  • CD playback
  • Control with Nuimo
  • Four output channels by ADI-2/4, two for the Horns and two for the Woofers
  • XO and DRC in Roon.

I really love this setup since I got the ADI-2/4

Best DrCWO


Hi @David_Snyder,
thanks‘ for you nice review. The information that the UR23 works with rooPlay is also very important for others.

There should be no degradation in SQ. As far as I understood you still use the same phono pre and ADC. Only difference is that Toslink was now routed via Roon instead of directly going to the DAC.

The UR23 ist USB Class1 and so might potentially bring in some jitter. But as Roon buffers all incoming data this is completely irrelevant in your use case. So anything should be fine.

Edit: The rooExtend-Box might be an alternative for the not available Raspberry Pi

Best DrCWO

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Helpful. I think SQ differences I heard was due to differences in volume. However, I intend to run my own bit-perfect verification and jitter tests. I’ll share my results. Expectation is that rooPlay is transparent, end-to-end with respect to everything except for latency.

Update: Like others, I’m having problems getting my input selection to stick. It keeps reverting back to “None”. This makes the rooPlay solution frustrating for family members to use.

Unless something is playing, this interface immediately reverts back to “None” after I click “Save.” Expected behavior is that the selected audio interface (I only have one) remains selected until I change it. Bonus points for restoring the selected interface if I unplug it and later plug it back in (something I’ve not tried yet).

Hi @David_Snyder,
the dialog inside the rooPlay settings was never thought for „operative“ usage :wink:

To make it easy for the family please read the Quick Installation Guide. There I explained in detail how to configure special radio stations for analog and digital input from your sound interface.

After that you can start playback of your LPs by simply starting the radio station which in any case is family friendly :+1:

All other playback from CD or via iPhone starts automatically. So if you don‘t want to play one of the test tones you should never be forced to use the settings dialog of rooPlay. Not saving the selection had a technical reason I can‘t remember at the moment.

I am interested in your bit test. I never did it as I get audio data from ALSA input, compress it to FLAC and send it out. Please let us know your results.

Best DrCWO

The Korg DAC-10-R is indeed nice; it can be configured by software to do 24/96 PCM OR DSD.

I use it with VinylStudio on my Mac to capture LPs

I already had an eye on that but never had one to test with rooPlay.

It should have USB Audio Class 2 so might work. But there is one thing I could not figure out until now. Running as USB ADC with rooPlay it must be possible to set the Input to phono and the ADC had to remember it. No idea if it does after configuring to phono and PCM with the Mac before.

I use RME ADI-2/4 which has built in Phono pre as ADC and DAC with the rooExtend-Box.

Best DrCWO


I have added rooPlay to my system. Thanks for another creative and useful tool.

I have CD working and also my LP “test” with an analog RCA output into the budget ADC you recommended from Amazon. With CDs, I see in your explanation video you mentioned that Fwd and Back buttons would work in roon, but I am not able to get these working. The fwd back appears as greyed out.

Any ideas on what I can try to accomplish skipping fwd or back?

Hi @Henry_Svendblad,
You are right. With Roon Gui skipping did not work as Roon believes your CD this is a Radio station.

But it works with all the controls I supply. With rooNuimo, rooDial, rooWatch and roo6D. With those you can use the forward and backward gestures (button, swiping or double press) and move to the next and previous track on the CD. It takes some seconds and during this time the volume is muted.
You also can control this during CD playback in rooPlay settings dialog. But this is not handy at all.

Best DrCWO
From Africa, Sansibar

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@DrCWO - can you please provide a little more context on how to setup my Nuimo to control the FWD/Back/Pause? Currently, I have my Nuimo setup to control my amp volume with ‘Zone follows playback = no, and ‘Change volume at playback only = No’. Do I need to change this control rooExtend “zone” or the DAC that is playing the “radio station/LP”? Agreed the controls in the extension do “work” but the UX is ugly.

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+1 Also very interested as this is not clear at all (an example with Apple Superdrive setup would be great). I was planning to build a streamer integrating the CD using this solution, but now I am not so sure…

For the Nuimo you can define gestures in the settings dialog of rooNuimo. There are gestures for next and previous titles. They are normally assigned to swipe right and left.
So using these gestures while CD is playing you can skip to the next or previous track.

Best DrCWO
From Africa, Sansibar