Root of (all of) Roon’s search issues?

I’m bedridden after an op, so using a LOT of Roon while reading about Jazz and Roon. Fun times. This, my recent rant re: searching for new music, and another thread about search issues, made me pay closer attention to my Roon setup’s search behavior. I found something interesting and reasonably repeatable.

If you search for an artist name that’s “out there”, i.e. quite uncommon, the results are often nothing or just a radio station/compilation. However if you immediately search again, without changing the string at all, just hit search button and hit return, you could get very different results the second time. I had this happen both times when searching for “Snarky Puppy” and when searching for “Jan Garbarek”. Searching was repeated within <5s. It seems like a timeout / caching of search results, or even a thread race condition.

Note my iPad measured 680/37Mbps, so it’s not my link. My Roon Core should be even faster since it is hard wired cat6 to 1000/40 fiber router. So it’s clearly not my link to Roon, but it could well be a “timeout” before my app getting answer from Roon server, for less common search criteria. Or a timeout of search results between Roon and Tidal/Qobuz cloud APIs (I use both).

See attached images. The order is a bit warbled since I’m posting from my iPad, but should be self explanatory.

I would appreciate if others can try to repeat. Try some random less known names from List of jazz musicians - Wikipedia.

Hope this helps!


I’ve just tried this with several of the musicians from the link you provided. I’m not seeing the same thing you are. No differences between search 1 and 2; I’m using a MacBook Pro over WiFi to a wired Roon Core which resides on a Mac.

Thanks for trying, Andrew. Was it unknown names? - Don’t use the two artists I used above - they will already be cached.

It was not the names you used. I tried 5 others, picked at random.

Thanks for confirming. Weird, since I managed to repeat so easily. Where are you based? I’m in Southern California.

Just north of Boulder, Colorado.

I just tried this several times and did not see a difference from the first to the second time searching either. I am in Northern MN

Tried now (latest 1.8), jazz musicians I’d never searched for and I don’t have in my library (used 2020 Grammys runners-up I didn’t know :wink: ) No difference between first and second search from my Macbook, with core on Ubuntu Server. Northern CA.

I tried both of your jazz artist and I would say it takes about 1 seconds to get a result. I have tried 2 times and both time same results in the search and Roon found the artist.

Could this be a bug in Roon v1.8 ? i’m still using Roon v1.7