RoPeee and Allo Katana board

When you access the Ropeee “HAT” section the Allo Katana is listed with (*) next to it. What does this indicate? Secondly can I take the memory card (containing RoPeee) from my Allo Digione and insert in the Katana with no issues? Thank you.

@spockfish Harry wis best to answer the * bit but I would suggest you flash the latest Ropieee image and let it install with the new HAT in place to ensure everything is good…it might well work as is but I tent to err of the side of caution when it comes to hardware variances.


It means basically that I have not been able to verify that the Katana actually works (I don’t have access to the device). As soon as someone uses it together with RoPieee and reports a ‘thumbs up’, I’ll remove the asterisk.

The second I wouldn’t do. The Katana uses a different driver that the standard Digione. Misconfiguring the wrong driver with the wrong HAT usually results in a ‘hang’, so there is a risk the unit will not boot.

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Thank you Harry. So you advise a fresh copy of Ropeee for the Allo Katana?

yes, that would be the wisest thing to do.

You can remove the asterisk RoPeee works great withe the Allo Katana. Thank you for a great product.

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OK with new version of Katana?

That’s the one I have

I second this (both version 1.1 and 1.2 work great)