RoPeee Reboot Loop Help

When I go to my RoPeee web page it says to reboot. I reboot and it says to reboot. its in a loop. Help please

Can you send me feedback?

Harry I keep getting this screen, what "feedback do you want?

Go to the ‘advanced’ tab. Over there is a button ‘Send Feedback’.

Sorry Harry sent feedback 0d3698278a30c9ad

Having same issue trying to upgrade from 386 to latest version. Have gone through reboot cycle several times.

Feedback ce4fed5407135ab1

Thanks … Tim

Hi @Richard_Thorpe and @anon97951896,

Unfortunately you have both the same situation (corruption in the package db), which I don’t know how to fix remotely… I’m afraid a reflash is required.

@anon97951896 your logs are flooded with ‘undervoltage’ reports. It might be good to look at your power supply.



I will reflash and swap power supply.


Thanks Harry reflashed everything good.

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