Ropiee does not appear in settings audio but Shairport does

I have Ropieee setup and connected to my LS50 wireless via USB. After trying multiple times and installs I have failed to make Ropieee appear in Settings>Audio.

I then decided to upgrade to RopieeeXL enabling Shairport to try and it works. However Ropieee cannot be used a roonbridge.

I’m running a Raspberry Pi 3b+ without HAT to act as a streamer through direct USB connection.
I’ve tried plugging an external DAC, feeding the KEFs via AUX. Same thing, no roonbridge, Shairport works.

I’ve logged the a feedback with the ID 8861249276fa46eb

Can someone advice on this?

It failed on downloading the RoonBridge archive.
Could be a hick up, so I suggest a reboot. It will automatically try it again.

Hi Harry,

Thanks for your reply.

I’ve already rebooted and reinstalled the image multiple times. It doesn’t seem to fix the solution.

I’ve tried Volumio and also have issues with downloading the roonbridge extension. I guess its a failure at the providers side?

Is there any other solutions to this? Is it possible to have an image with a default build of roonbridge installed and updated selectively with on proper installation?

No that’s not allowed. And it’s not on the provider’s side, as I tried to download it myself (multiple times): all with success.

Do you have any kind of firewall running in your infrastructure?