Ropiee Endpoint not Showing up in Roon

Henry: I have set up another Roon endpoint using Ropieee. Our son came home from college…

I formatted a new SD card, installed the latest image on a RPi3. I configured the endpoint using the web interface, both wifi and ethernet.

I setup the Hifiberry Digi+, turned off USB audio. Setup a name ‘Duncan’.

Anyway, when I go into the Roon app on my phone to add the endpoint it doesn’t show up.

Any ideas? I send feedback 190ec561ad6ffbc3


I’m Henry. He’s Harry!

Yes, autocorrect on my phone! So sorry!

There‘s a possible solution and lots of helpful things in this thread:

tl,dr: when in doubt, reflash.

Ok, just downloaded a fresh image to start. Will post results in a few minutes.


Well that worked…

He is all set-up and playing Roon in his room now.

Many thanks all.

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