Ropiee in Pi3 Not Working


I have been using Ropieee on a Pi3 with a IQAudIO Hat for nearly a year now as an end point

Suddenly it won’t boot up

So I downloaded the Ropiee image and reloaded it - still would not reboot

Next I bought a new sd card - loaded the image again - still will not boot

My w-fi network does not find the pi - connected via ethernet the network can see the pi

The Ropieee UI tells me that the installation needs an internet connection to successfully install but that there is none even when connected via ethernet

I am I being really dumb here and do I need to install Raspbian before Ropieee?

Or is there perhaps a problem with the pi?


No, that’s not necessary. RoPieee is a complete OS for the Pi.

I’d try and connect a monitor to the HDMI port… maybe you can make sense out of the boot messages displayed on screen. You can always use a general OS like Raspbian, just to test the hardware.

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  • You might want to swap the power supply.
  • What do the LEDs say?

Thanks NIck

I’ll have a look and repost

Really appreciate your response

Thanks both

I decided to go back to basics and downloaded a new copy of the image

Not all working fine again

Best wishes

Sorry should have read NOW all working fine again

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