Ropiee Installation on Allo USBridge Signature Stuck

I downloaded RoPiee and used Etcher to write an image to a new micro SD card. I connected the power cable, USB cable, and Ethernet cable on a new Allo USBridge Signature play and turned the device on. 6 hours later the Act light is still flashing red.

How long should I wait before I try something else, which I assume involves re-flashing RoPiee again and re-starting the process?

After 6 hours (even much earlier as I would get worried after 15 minutes) I would power cycle the device and see if it boots. You will not damage anything except maybe your current installation on the SD card that isn’t booting anyways.

Upon further examination, the Ropiee installation worked. I was confused because the red ACT LED was flashing while the Green power LED is on. I never saw the Green status light flashing as described in the “Ropiee Guide for Beginners”. I can access the USBridge via a web browser and the device shows up in Roon and is working.

I have configured the the USBridge in RoPiee and I have rebooted it. It works fine after the re-boot, but the red ACT LED is still flashing. Does anyone know if ACT LED is supposed to be flashing red all of the time. It is somewhat annoying.


Your description seems backwards to me. The red led is the power indicator and the green is for activity. With Ropieee the default setting is a solid red led and a slowly flashing green.

Can’t tell you about supposed LED status out of my memory, but it does not really seem to matter in your situation anyway, it seems:
If everything is working, but the LED bothers, goto Ropieee web interface, advanced tab, and select LED off.