Ropiee looses my ifi iDSD micro

Hi all and a big Thank You to @spockfish for the system integration with ropiee! (havent donated yet but will do that for sure)

I’m running the 083-1 version with daily reboot enabled.
In general the system works perfect. However every now and then when I have not been using the system for a while ropiee seems to loose contact with my ifi iDSD micro. Removing and connecting the USB cable or rebooting the system solves the problem.

Anything anyone can think of?


sleep mode??

found this on a forum,
"If you turn on the iDSD before connecting to the hub then the iDSD will run from it’s own battery. It will enter sleep mode after a short time of not playing music and will recharge if power is available.

If you turn on the iDSD after connecting to the powered hub then the iDSD is running in USB bus power mode and will only call on it’s own battery if you use turbo mode (or normal mode but playing very loud)."

Not sure if it has a sleep mode in the second situation??



Good point!
I’m trying that and will hopefully see tomorrow morning if it went to sleep again.


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@bearFNF it sure looks like you were right.
Thank You!