Ropiee/Pi4 - Media loading slowly

Did you ever get to the bottom of this @DanMtsn?

I am temporarily in a home where I have set up Roon. My Ropiee/Pi4 is wired directly to the modem-router, but gives the “loading slowly” error, despite my Microsoft Surface PC working perfectly well as an endpoint across wireless.

This same Ropiee/Pi4 was working flawlessly in my previous home.

Due to the temporary nature of my situation the Core is on a PC (Intel i7 16MB RAM) which is wirelessly connected. This is obviously a weak point, but why would a wireless endpoint work flawlessly while a wired Ropiee/Pi4 fails?

@noris, would appreciate it if you could let me know if there are other relevant discussion threads.

Hi @Peter_Taylor,

It’s best to troubleshoot each user individually, so I have split your post into it’s own thread.
A few questions:

  1. What is your network setup like - what is the model/manufacturer of all your networking gear?
  2. What do you have connected to the Ropiee? Is it a DAC or a HAT?
  3. If you temporarily connect the Pi via Ethernet, does that work as expected?
  4. Do you have the latest version of Ropieee?

Thanks for troubleshoot attention. Answers:

  1. Just the basic Hitron 88390 modem/router that came with my cable connection.
  2. A DAC - Wadia 122
  3. Pi is permanently connected via Ethernet. I believe wifi is disabled on the device.
  4. It should auto-update, but I don’t know how to verify software version. If you know, let me know, cheers.

If you open the web GUI in a browser (go to the IP address), the information tab will tell you the version. Current is 2.493 stable or thereabouts.

A core on Wifi will be nothing but trouble as wifi is not really full duplex and you are sending the data 2 x from tidal and to ropieee. the other questionable issue could be your internet speed. maybe post the results of a or results…but you may find the wifi is also a limiting factor unless you have a lan connected computer to test with

DNS could also be an issue here…try to have cloud flare or google as one of the DNS entries

Thanks for that guidance. Ropieeee version is 2.493, which is later than the latest version showing on the Ropieeee changelog.

This is the latest stable version of RoPieee.

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Hi @Peter_Taylor,

Thanks for confirming that you have the latest version of Ropieee.
Are there any patterns to the content affected by this issue?

Does the behavior happen when only playing MQA/96+ kHz content?
If you have another DAC, could you try connecting it to the Ropieee to verify if the issue is the same?

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