Ropiee remote: mute not supported?

I have a Flirc USB connected to my Ropiee for IR remote control. Volume up/down, play/pause, next/prev track work, but I can’t get mute to work. Is this a known gap in functionality? In theory it should work because Roon supports muting/unmuting. I suspect Ropiee has not implemented this because when I mute in Roon software, Ropieee doesn’t show the muted icon.



‘mute’ is right now not supported, but this seems relatively easy to add…

Great, thanks. Hope you can add it in one of the upcoming releases.

Hi @spockfish,

Another minor related thing. My Roon playback is on a Roon Ready NAD M33 Streaming Amplifier. I’m using the Ropiee just as a display for the M33. Ropiee is real nice because it scrolls the titles unlike the M33, and the display is much bigger.

Adjusting the volume in Roon is with 1dB increments. However, NAD M33 does 0.5 dB increments. So the display on the Ropieee jumps from -31 to -30.5 to -30 and so on, which is a bit jarring. Can we always use a single decimal digit like -31.0, -30.5, etc., just like the Roon app does?