Ropiee stuck initializing and software download extremely slow [RESOLVED]

Hi there

This morning (Australia time) Ropiee (RPi4) wouldn’t get past the initialising phase.

So I decided to try re-downloading the BIN file and it is coming down excruciatingly slow, roughly 5kb/s.

Are the two things related at all possibly? I noticed something potentially similar in this thread:

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Wonderful product by the way - use it all the time, absolutely flawless until today.

UPDATE: after leaving initialising on for about 20 minutes, it finally started working. Download still extremely slow.

SECOND UPDATE: so 3 hours later I tested the download speeds and they were perfectly fine, and then tried restarting the Ropiee and it booted up quickly. So the two issues are probably related, but have been resolved. Leaving this post up in case it’s of interest.

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