Ropiee Wifi issue on Pro-Ject Stream Box S2 Ultra

Decided (for fun) to install Ropieee on a Pro-Ject Stream Box S2 Ultra. Generally works well, but Wifi doesn’t seem to result in an IP address being assigned. The SSID is found, and authenticated, but strangely no IP is provided to the unit on reboot. Ethernet works fine.

Anybody got Ropiee running on one of these with Wifi working?

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Well, with the upgrade from 396 to 414, Wifi is no longer an option (assume because of the revised driver - RTL8XXXU to RTL8912EU).

In any case for wifi to work needs the RT8723BU linux driver so assume now that this device is “not supported”.

It was never supported, so the fact that it worked was pure luck.
That being said, maybe i can add the old driver as fallback, and in that case your device will work again.

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Thanks Harry,

I wouldn’t add the old driver back in, but maybe add the specific driver for this device ( which note needs the old driver to be blacklisted.

As you say, this device is not supported by Ropieee but it happens to work which is very nice.


With the latest release this should be fixed.

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Thank you Harry. The network is seen, joined and an IP address assigned.

There’s something else going on (dropouts) but suspect that’s unrelated.


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Do you have an installation guide? I have the same streamer and I am unhappy about its stability (frequent reboots). I want to test if it is the sw running it or a temperature issue …

Thank you :pray:

I’ve installed RopieeeXL on my stream box S2 ultra.
Runs well - had no issues with it (but connects over ethernet) and much happier with this than the Volumio software.
Installation was a bit of a pain as although it’s easy enough to download the file, getting Etcher to see the Stream Box was a pain. Turned out I needed to install some drivers on my Windows 10 system. Once I did that, it was easy.

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I was about to sell my (Lakewest version) streamer, but this might change my plans.
Did the install involve replacing the dt-blob.bin/dt-blob.dts? The is from JW (Designer)

From a software perspective the Ministreamers differ slightly from a standard Raspberry Pie in two areas:-

  1. A custom dt-blob is required (as we use some of the CM3 GPIO’s for various functions (such as the “Link” LED on the front panel, Hardware WiFi Enable & MCU reset).

  1. Drivers are required for the WiFi / Bluetooth Module:-…/wifi-and-bluetooth-usb-m…/

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I am on Mac and I do not see the streamer at all (after 5 sec pressing boot button) … what kind of driver did you install on your Win 10 machine?

Would not know. I simply blitzed the internal memory, placing RopieeXL on it. In terms of functionality: usb pass through works; front on off button powers the unit down (leaving a red light) and pressing again powers the unit up (leaving a green light); Ethernet only - WiFi does not show up from what I recall.
Unit runs cooler. I like the ability to us HQ Player ( which Volumio does not).

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God - can’t remember :joy:
I’ll try and find the articles I had to read before I figured out what to do. Will get back to you over the next few days.
Was very frustrating as I too held the reset button down expecting something to happen…but it never did :rage:

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Thanks for your quick feedback … makes me feel a bit better already … :joy:
I will tinker with it for the next few days … :pray:

HTH, Simon.


Thank you, Simon! I will try it tomorrow with a spare RPi4 :wink:

Yes, Simon, that’s the article!

Wow … getting to see the CM with rpiboot was a bit tricky … after plugging in / out, using different USB cables, eventually I saw the eMMC … flashing it w/ RoPieee was easy and configuring it via web was a piece of cake … Now, the Stream Box can do more (e.g. native DSD up to 512) and, indeed, it runs cooler … This is what it should have been from the start!
Happy Camper!
Thank you @Simon_Higgs & @Tim_Chapman for your hints :wink: :pray::pray:

Has anyone managed to get Wi-Fi working? I’m stuck here

[root@MiniStreamer rtl8723bu]# make
make ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE= -C /lib/modules/4.19.118-1-SPCKFSH-v7/build M=/root/rtl8723bu modules
make[1]: *** /lib/modules/4.19.118-1-SPCKFSH-v7/build: No such file or directory. Stop.
make: *** [Makefile:333: modules] Error 2

@spockfish ?

RoPieee is an appliance and as such does not support building your own drivers etc.

Glad you’ve made it! Yup - pain getting the computer to see the eMMC…piece of cake after that :joy:

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