Ropiee with discovery core

since i use the Elac discovery as roon essentials core it does not recognize ropiee endpoint.
Who can help?

Unless things have changed since this was posted.

I can help. ; ) Since I had the same problem… Easy solution: Install Hifiberry OS instead. Works flawless for me.
And keep the Elac. Nobody knows what a wonderful gear we have.

All the best, Rudi

I am using an Elac Discovery with a Pi 4B running RoPieeXL and it works perfectly. You need to make sure use exactly the same endpoint name in both RoPiee and Roon Essentials

Thank you both for the tips. I have it working now with one restriction, it goes only with Airplay

Oh, that is new to me. Will try that now with Pi3B+ - Thank you for this advice.

I hate to resurrect a 2 year old thread, but can anyone confirm if RoonPieeXL or HiFiBerry will work with RAAT (synced music) while streaming from Elac Discovery/Roon Essentials?

I LOVE my Elac Discovery, and want to be able to stream to a PC or Mac hooked up to studio monitors.

Since Roon Bridge is not compatible with Roon Essentials, I’m thinking I will need an external device to make this possible.

I realize that RopieeeXL will be airplay compatible, and that will work with Roon Essentials. But is it considered a Roon Ready Device (to be compatible with RAAT)?

If I can’t use RAAT, I may just stick to running Tidal for music for now… although would prefer to use Roon Essentials for everything.

Thank you!