RoPiee with Fiio K5 PRO

Has anyone had any success pairing RoPiee with a Fiio K5 PRO DAC? The RoPiee doesn’t appear in Roon with it attached over USB - the DAC works fine on my laptops (both Windows) so I’m assuming it’s somehow driver related.

Have tried every USB port on the Pi, and various combinations of rebooting with it on/off etc etc but the RoPiee never appears as a listening device.

I have a iFi hip-DAC which works fine with the Pi, but it’s more mobile friendly form factor isn’t ideal for the desk I’m working on.

These are the details of my RoPiee:

Software Version: 3.140
Kernel Version: 5.10.46-2-SPCKFSH-v7l+
USB FW Version: 000138a1

Roon can see my RoPiee fine as a Bridge - it states I have the latest version (1.7 - build 571). I am on v1.8 (build 806) of Roon Core.

Being a prune - forgot I need to enable it as a new sound source in the settings. Now working fine :slight_smile: