Ropiee XL fresh install - really slow (or new normal)? No: It does not work with the new Edge browser


I started a Ropieee XL install last night and had to continue it this morning and now into this afternoon. taken on the order of 5 hours to “configure” my RPI 4b today and another 3 hours last night and its still not done. In the initial configure I powered it off after ~90 min. and changed the SD card from a Samsung Evo (U1) to a SanDisk Extreme (U3) and certainly did not see the decrease of 3x in time -rather it seems to be about the same.

This morning I setup the XL parameters (DLNA, Airplay on) and its been configuring my device for 2.5
hours - I then gave up and started a standard (non XL) install on a Samsung Evo card. No change, hours into it, I’ve had enough.

My other installs, about a dozen all told and the last one about 6mo. ago, have always been about an hour or two from start to finish. My network has not is only getting faster - its running over ethernet (260 Mbps down and 6.5 Mbps up).

Is this a normal install time?


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No, I built two. Each one took 5 minutes.

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Well we sure are having different experiences… Thanks.

You must be trying to do something I did not do. I simply downloaded RopieeeXL and used Etcher to burn the microSD card. Then, inserted card, connected ethernet and plugged in the power. After it finished booting up, I found the IP address and went into the RoPieeeXL setup and chose USB and maybe another setting and rebooted. On my other one, I had to turn on WIF and reboot. Lastly, I plugged in my DAC to USB and found it in Roon.

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Nope, exactly the same - I’ve done it many times before. This however, is my second pi 4b, the first I recall went fine, but this one - no. I am using the RPI 7" touchscreen instead of the HDMI connectors but that was not an issue before.

I think you confirmed it was on my side - that’s what I needed.


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I have never used a screen. RoPieee does not support HDMI. Actually, I did three of these and sold one. All three are RPi4b running RoPieeeXL.

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I didn’t know that - I either use a touchscreen or nothing (e.g., for a speaker).

I didn’t have any trouble with my first one either, glad to hear you didn’t as well.

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To clarify, it does boot up quickly - w/in a couple of minutes after it rotates the display. Where the delays come in is changing any parameter. The screen sits and displays

" Your device is being configured… be patient, this will take time. Don’t turn it off!"

for 15-45 minutes.

One thing that has changed is that it automatically configures after you save the setting on each tab. Before you could save your settings and then reboot once. No longer possible so you have to sit and wait for it after you setup each tab.

Did you experience long delays?

No, I didn’t experience anything like that. Maybe you could try reflashing your microSD card with RoPieeeXL just incase something is corrupted.

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Yeah, I just did that and that’s what’s running now. I am watching the traffic to/from the p4 and there really isn’t any. And I know it can’t be onboard processing … I’ll change browsers and see what that does - I am using the new Edge.

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I always use Google.

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That is it - it gets hung up in edge. When I went to a new browser window Firefox, then it connected right away.

That’s odd. Guess its not compatible with Edge yet. Edge is based on the same code as chrome, oh well.


All good now. Thanks Jim for talking through this - it helped me think.


I’m not having trouble but I am careful to purchase uSD cards that are video camera speed rated. The SD card people explain the rating system well at

Hi @David_Hamby

I do as well. The U3 SanDisk I mentioned in my first post is rated at v30. That didn’t make a difference in this instance because the issue was the new Edge browser.

Another reference site:

Glad you finally found it. I keep a copy of Firefox up to date for uppity web sites that won’t browse in Safari. (MacOS here).