RoPieee 7 inch display no longer shows album info

My display no longer shows album info. My extension is no longer visible under Extension/Authorizations. I’ve rebooted both the Ropieee XL and the Roon Nucleus+, with no luck. How do I get my extension back?

What does the display show?
Have you configured the display zone on the display tab?

You have to check on Roon side has same setting.

Here is the Roon side.

Can you send me feedback? You can find that option on the ‘advanced’ tab.

Done, identifier 9497b13a5d98f67c

Do you have other extensions (2nd display other Raspi/Popieee) visible in Settings-Extension window from Roon?
I had once the same phenomena. I deleted all extensions there and reinialized.
Then everything was fine.

In the Roon Settings-Extensions window, under Authorizations-View, no authorizations are listed. By initialize, do you mean reboot the Roon, or restart the Roon Server software (in the Roon web interface)?

Hi @Calvin_LaBauve ,

The extension is crashing for some reason. I suggest you reflash.


Thank you, Harry, and everyone else for your help. Re-flashing Ropieee did the job.

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I have the same problem. I just updated Ropieee to 3.094 and after that the “Now playing” screen is missing (the connection with roon is working fine though, I can hear the music). I see just black screen (the same as @Calvin_LaBauve ) with some info, the last line is:

... We're ready. RoPieee is RUNNING ...

@spockfish is there a way to reinstall Ropieee from console/SSH? Or to reeboot it in clean/default state? Or redownload and reinstall the update from console? I have very difficult access to SD card.

No that’s not possible.