Ropieee above 192KHz

Goodevening everyone. I’d like to know if it is possible to go over 192KHz with ropiee. Thnks in advance.

Yes, but it depends on the device (DAC) connected to your Raspberry Pi.

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I’ve used dacs at dsd512 native no issues

I’ve the hifiberry digi +PRO but it is limited to 192KHz. Is it possible to bypass this limit using the USB port?

That’s because you’re using S/PDIF into your DAC. What DAC do you use? As pointed out already, Ropieee and the Raspberry Pi can handle higher sample rates, but your Pi ‘hat’ or DAC may not.

You DAC or HAT needs to be able to support it too…i.e. I have a Khadas Tone Board DAC via USB that happily plays DSD512 back upsampled through roon’s DSP or to my Oppo HA1 or 2 at DSD256 or my Oppo Sonica DAC at DSD512 also. Not that I run them at their max specs but Ropieee supports them.

Most of my HATed DAC/AMPs will only do 24/192 as that is their maximum spec.

Thank you !!! I’ll try another DAC via USB.

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