Ropieee - Alarm extensions not visible

I am running Roon on a ROCK. Today I added a Raspberry Pi4 with a Hifiberry Dac+ as a Roon end point. I also enabled the Alarm extension in Ropieee.
I was able to set two alarms in Roon. I wanted to add a third alarm but all of a sudden there were no extensions visible anymore in Roon. When switching between menus in the Roon app, the Alarm extension sometimes pops up very briefly and then disappears.

In short, I cannot access the alarm function anymore, even after rebooting the Core and the Pi several times.

After removing the ‘extension authorizations’ the Alarm clock reappears with a button ‘enable’ next to it. When pressing the ‘enable’ button, the alarm clock extension disappears.
How can this be resolved?

I have logged feedback with id a69bfc976e4539f9

The extension crashes. I suspect on something related to a wrong setting.
Unfortunately I’ve got no idea on how to fix this.

Hey Harry,
thank you for your reply. I think indeed that the Alarm Clock extension crashes. I have the impression that the crash occured after I added alarms for a 2nd zone.
I reinstalled Ropiee with Alarm extension, and only configured 1 alarm. For the time being, it is running stable. When things continue to remain stable, I will add additional alarms next week.

I’ll keep you posted

Do you have the call stack of the crash?