Ropieee+Allo Katana on USBridge Signature troubleshooting issue

This all worked most of the time, over wifi in secondary zone. My apartment is 900 square ft, and I did not think wifi connection would be a problem. Sounds better than my main system.

Every few days it the Katana would vanish from my Roon. Then, I would be unable to ‘ping’ Ropieee. Unable to connect - is what browser would say.

Allo says it sounds like network problem, so I’ve moved it all to my main room and have Ethernet connection now. Roon sees it, and I can hear music. But I am still unable to reach my Ropieee IP address.

This last is a brand new development: the player is working and there in Roon however I cannot get to Ropieee GUI my and reboot or configure.

Can anyone tell me, do I do need to re-flash and ‘start from scratch’ since I’m not on wifi now? It’s so odd that the music plays, Roon seems to work, but the player is unreachable. I am searching for clues and appreciate any help.

Thanks. Michael

It’s probably still looking to connect wireless but now you are wired correct?
Maybe try going back to wireless with it to access menus to then change it to wired Ethernet.

No expert here at all though I am afraid.

Missed totally the part where Roon is playing so obviously connected!

I will suggest that @GregD post is the answer here!
Settings: about or audio to find the new wired IP address.

The IP address for the wired connection will be different than the WIFi one because they are different network adapters.

If Roon is able to play to the player you will be able to see the IP address in the Roon App - settings - about.

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Thanks! Once I got the players new address from Roon, I could access the GUI for Ropieee. Now I can run it wired for awhile and see if this ‘droping out’ ceases. I really like the tiny Katana dac like an electronics project sitting on an USBridge Sig. I sure hope a wifi repeater or worst case running cable will fix things, because I don’t think I can replace the dac. Happy holidays.

Glad you found it.

I have quite a few Ropieees, including one with a Katana HAT that I bought from another user here. As you say it’s a wild, but amazing piece of technology.

I run most of them wired, and the wired ones are 100% reliable. The wireless ones are good, but not quite as reliable.

So if you can manage to run a cable I’m sure you’ll be fine.

Hope it works for you, and happy holidays to you too!