RoPieee and Denafrips Pontus II


Anyone has experiences with RoPieee and Denafrips Pontus II DAC? Can it do native DSD with RoPieee? Any comments on the Pontus II sound quality?



Ropieee will do native DSD as long as the DAC allows for it and Roon understands the capabilities of the DAC. I have an older DAC that does 128 DSD, but Roon would not show the option native DSD. Looked around in the certified Roon devices list and installed the DAC under a different brand that showed DSD compatibility and voila it worked.

I use both, unfortunately I am using I2S, so I am limited to 24/192. I wish I could help…

I have the Denafrips Ares II connected to Ropieee (USB) and it fully supports DSD natively. I’ve successfully tested it as far as DSD512. So, I would be surprised if the Pontus was any different.

Thanks to all for your reply.

Thomas, what are your thoughts on the Denafrips Ares II? How does this R2R DAC compare to the other DACs you have used? Is the SQ similar for PCM and DSD? I am curious on the R2R DACs, but there is no place to audition the Denafrips.

That’s a tough question to answer. As this is not a forum for Denafrips I’ll keep it short:
I have a decent system (Anthem STR Amp, KEF R7 speakers). The Ares II is a very good DAC with excellent capabilities and sound quality. But in my own honest, first hand experience I don’t find that big of a sound difference between many decent DACs. As an example. from my listening experience where I compared the Ares II with a PS Audio Direct Stream DAC (had it on loan), the DAC built-in to the Anthem STR and a DAC built-in to a Marantz HD-AMP1 was exposing subtle differences only. I used 2 RPi’s with Ropieee to do A/B tests and the differences were small. I do like that the Ares II can handle any type of file up to 1024 DSD. They say R2R DACs have a warmer sound, and that’s true. But it’s a subtle difference from what I hear.

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Hi Thomas:

Thanks for your opinion.

By default it digitizes the analog input signals to 192kHz then goes through its internal DAC, unless you manually turn off the Convert Analog setting for the input. For users with standalone DAC I recommend turning this setting off unless you have to have room correction by the amp.

I have the Pontus 2 . is that what you have? I am looking to use roon and connect to a PI2AES via network from roon and play out via i2s to Pontus i2s input, is ropieee supporting i2s output to external dac? Regards

Hi Darren,

Yes, ropieee supports it, it works great. I use the same setup. You will be limited to 24/192 using this connection because PI limitations.

So your using the PI2AES?

Yes, I am using Pontus 2 with PI2AES/ropieee using I2S connection.

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what hdmi cable are you using and what length .?

I just grabbed the shortest generic boring HDMI cable I could find in my stash. It’s about 70cm long…

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I am looking at the Wireworld Silver Sphere HDMI cable 0.6 , maybe get it on a 30 day test. Thank you for you messages, been very helpful indeed. :slight_smile: