Ropieee and Extensions Generally

I am interested in exploring all manner of extensions for Roon. I have two RPis with DAC or Digione HATs running Ropieee (Very satisfied with Ropieee btw).

Must/should I get a separate Rpi to do my extensions tinkering? Is it even possible to use my existing RPis to do double duty running an extension or two?


DietPi has a Roon Extension manager installer for @Jan_Koudijs efforts. I’m not sure if @spockfish Harry wants to consider a similar thing but I think he has a lot of other efforts planned that are probably a higher priority. I tried the DietPi option on an old original RPi which seemed to work Ok, but I am travelling now so haven’t really played too much with it.

Th reason why this didn’t happen already (I talked to @Jan_Koudijs about in the past) is because of RoPieee’s principals: being a Roon endpoint that works out of the box AND always.

Having the extension manager also creates a possibility to ‘ruin’ a perfectly good working endpoint. And not because of the extension manager itself (that’s a fine piece of work), but because of installing extensions in an uncontrolled manner. And on top of that all the intricacies involved in running Node.js apps.

So basically I want to prevent “this extension X is not working and that’s because of RoPieee” kinda situations. I’ve been thinking about some kind of mechanism that whitelists extensions, but that’s still a lot of work.

Perfectly reasonable and pretty much expected. AFAIAC, RoPieee has more than met its primary objective. Good stuff.

I think Ropieee is great, I run many Pi’s with it, 3 with displays, others with Hats using DACs and AMPs (IQAudIO) plus others just as an endpoint with USB DAC and one with all 3 (DAC AMP and USB connections).

You mentioned IQAudio. I was contemplating their Digi-AMP+ to replace a Sonos AMP. I also looked at Allo, but their AMP hats don’t include a DAC.

I’m driving “Best Buy” quality outdoor speakers, so SQ isn’t a big issue.

Any recommendations from your experience?

I have several of the DigiAMP+ hats driving book shelves or balanced headphones and love them. One has a display too (for the bedroom) so it doubles as a clock at night when the music stops. I control it sleeping and ramping down the volume with the Alarm Clock extension

ALLO has the VOLT amp but I remocewd it and kist use the Piano 2.1 now with Kali and Sparky for one setup and a USBridge for another. I like to play with lots of hardware options, but most all of my RPi 3’s use Ropieee and IQAudio setups.

DigiAMPs are presently in short supply here in the US. Thanks for the rec.

I use a stand alone Raspberry Pi zero W for extensions, running DietPi. This is low cost, and means that any issue doesn’t result in not playing music. I follow the same logic in that I also separate audio end points from the associated displays (so 7 RoPieee devices).

My two cents Canadian.


So, does it make sense to ask about this again for Ropieee XL?

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I’m wondering the same - I’d like to be able to try out the new lock screen extension without setting up another RPi.